M.A. German


Masters in German Language and Literature: The minimum duration for completing the Master’s Degree shall be four semesters after graduation. The academic years shall comprise of two semesters, each of about 18-weeks duration. 

The M.A. course in German Language and Literature is designed to determine that the candidate has acquired:

  1. A fairly high degree of command over the language, both oral and written, so as to be able to comprehend accurately contemporary speeches and writtings of quality with sense of critical appreciation;
  2. A sound background knowledge of German language, history of the people and countries where German language is used as a primary medium of communication;
  3. The necessary familiarity with contemporary ideas, concepts and notions. He is also required to have a good understanding of and command over the literary heritage of the language and special knowledge and study of one or more eminent writers or authors having his/ her impact on German literature, etc.;
  4. A comprehensive theoretical knowledge of important modern linguistic theories, disciplines and research methods, their practical application on German language.



  • BA/BSc 2nd Division
  • Diploma in German from NUML or
  • B1 pass certificate from Goethe Institute