BS German


BS German Program is of 8 Semesters:

During the first year the course covers the development of the proficiency of students in listening, speaking, reading and writing German language. Furthermore it is focusing on the development of functional vocabulary for integrated command over language and the development of translation skills of students.


During the second and third year the course is designed to determine that candidate has acquired:


  1. A fairly high degree of command over the language, both oral and written, so as to be able to comprehend accurately contemporary speeches and writings of quality with sense of critical appreciation;


  1. A sound background knowledge of German language, history and culture of the people and countries where German language is used as a primary medium of communication;


  1. The necessary familiarity with contemporary ideas, concepts and notions and a good understanding of and ability to command over the literary heritage of the language and special knowledge and study of one or more eminent writers or authors having an impact on German literature;


  1. A comprehensive theoretical knowledge of important modern linguistic theories, disciplines and research methods, their practical application on German language; 


During the fourth year the course focuses on:


  1. Theoretical and practical knowledge of didactics and methods of language teaching and beside that the ability to critically analyze foreign language teaching and learning materials.


  1. A sound background knowledge of the human mental lexicon, second and foreign language acquisition theories and the related cognitive processes.


  1. The ability of individual research and the writing of a dissertation on a topic concerning one of the taught subjects.


Intermediate with 2nd Div OR A–Level with 50% marks OR Equivalent.