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Dr. Khushbakht Hina, Director QEC

The Quality Enhancement Cell is an essential component of NUML’s administrative and academic structure. It is linked with the Quality Assurance Agency of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, for implementation of quality enhancement policies and monitors the academic and administrative programs and functions to ensure that the internationally accepted standards are met and maintained.

We at the Quality Enhancement Cell are dedicated to maintaining an academically rich, quality-directed, research based and scholarship promoting environment in the university. Working with all the faculties, departments and disciplines, administration and management to establish and ensure excellence and high quality in all BS, Masters, MPhil and PhD programs, we have strengthened our resolve to confirm its quality assurance regimen that reflects our vision and mission, and is also in strict accordance with the Quality Assurance Agency of the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. The QEC is working to improve institutional processes and procedures and performing efficiently and effectively, will have productive outcomes for making a qualitative difference at NUML as a frontline institution in the midst of many national and international institutes of high repute, ultimately leading to quality conscious citizens of Pakistan.