Welcome To Department of English UGS

HOD Message

Dr Zawar Hussain Hashmi

We here at the Department of English (Undergraduate Studies) welcome young minds yearning for excellence in English language, linguistics, and literature. Ours is one of the leading departments of NUML; in fact, we boast of being one of the premier English departments across the country. The undergraduate level degree program we offer is an interesting blend of knowledge, skills, and creativity, which collectively enable students to foster their intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and analytical reasoning, in the process helping them broaden their life skills.

The department strives instilling among our students knowledge and appreciation of various forms of English literature, both occidental and oriental. The degree also exposes students to the study of languages and to the related areas of linguistics. Alongside English literary studies and linguistics, the English language skills of the students are also honed not only through language-focused courses and participatory teaching, but also through quizzes, assignments, projects, and presentations.

In order to identify, nurture, and solidify students’ creative talents, various clubs and societies have been established, which organize regular forums, discussions, and presentations. This works as a perfect platform for the students to express their ideas, project their talents, and hone their skills. We give particular importance to regular interaction with the students, ensuring that they are advised and mentored in their personal and academic lives, to help them achieve the excellence they aspire for.


If you love English language and literature, we would love to hear from you!


The Department of English (Undergraduate Studies), founded on the core values of curiosity, criticality, and creativity, strives to equip its students with the aesthetics of literary studies, the theoretical and empirical aspects of linguistics, and the niceties of English language learning and teaching, simultaneously nurturing their interest in research. For the purpose, the department boasts of highly experienced faculty, tailor-made courses, exciting co-curricular activities, and state of the art academic and entertainment facilities.

Our undergraduate program includes subjects that cover almost all genres of English literature and a good number of sub-disciplines of English linguistics. Alongside, a focus on all four skills of English is maintained throughout the degree to ensure that our students graduate as proficient and confident speakers and writers. The department constantly aims at providing a simulative, collaborative, and supportive environment to the students, to enable them develop personal and professional habits that could stand them in good stead beyond university life. With a view to offering the students an opportunity to excel in their raw talent, the department has established and runs 5 societies, 7 clubs and 5 committees.

Our Vision

To have a leading role as a center of English Studies by maintaining academic standards of international recognition and a culture of equal opportunities for all.

Our Mission

Through creative pedagogy and innovative use of technology, we seek to impart knowledge in a way that provides the students with a sound basis in various areas of English Studies: language, linguistics, literature, and culture. The department aims to lead the students into a future with the desired credentials.by sharpening their critical thinking and enhancing their communicative competence.