Iftar Drive in Collaboration with Human Care Foundation conducted by Social Responsibility Society (SRS)

The Social Responsibility Society (SRS),NUML, organized an Iftaar Drive in collaboration with the Human Care Foundation near Khatam-e-Nabuwat Metro Station in Rawalpindi on March 26th, 2024.The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from both society members and volunteers, who joined forces to prepare and distribute meals. Beginning at 4:45 pm, SRS volunteers, under the guidance of Abdullah Tahir, the society's President, worked alongside HCF volunteers to ensure smooth execution of the campaign. Raja Ammar, the Director of Event Management, ensured meticulous organization throughout the event.Responsibilities were delegated effectively, with male volunteers overseeing management, food distribution, donations, and media coverage, while female volunteers focused on preparing food parcels and beverages for those in need. Through their collective efforts, they provided iftar meals to the less fortunate, allowing them to break their fasts with dignity and happiness.As the call to prayer echoed, male volunteers efficiently distributed food parcels among fasting individuals, ensuring separate arrangements for male and female participants. Additional food was provided to those in need, and passersby and metro station staff were also invited to join for iftar, receiving food parcels as well. The volunteers diligently monitored food availability, ensuring that everyone present was catered to. Following Iftar, SRS and HCF volunteers prayed together, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The event concluded at 6:50 pm with expressions of gratitude from participants, leaving behind a feeling of contentment and fulfillment among all involved.