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Dr. Amber Yasmin

Language and literature reflect the culture of a nation. Literary history of a land unfolds the richness by presenting the works of its renowned poets and writers.

                 Persian is one of the most important Languages of the world. It has been the official language of the Sub- Continent up to Mughal rule in this area. Learning Persian language helps to keep ourselves fully acquainted with the history of Sub-Continent, Culture and literary heritage of our fore- fathers. Our national language, Urdu has more than 60% Persian words. Learning Persian language is not only a source of developing our relations with Iran, Afghanistan and other Persian speaking countries but also helps us in fully understanding Urdu language, literature and Allama 1qbal’s poetry.

            It bears a precious treasure of ethics and moral values. We should learn this language of our fore fathers as a second language. Persian is second only to Arabic as the fountain of Islamic culture. Readers, the world over, treasure the poems of Roomi and Saadi, the great mystical poets of the Sufi tradition, and also of the famous works of Persian literature such as Shahnama of Firdoosi, Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam, and Divan of Hafiz Shirazi etc. Moreover, Persian bears a precious treasure of ethics and moral values. It is also the key to the beauties of medieval Persian culture, architecture, music and painting.

            With the passage of time importance of Persian language is increasing. Consequence upon the geo-political developments in the region, Persian has gained strategic importance. Modern Persian (also called Dari) is spoken by almost 100 million speakers not just in Iran, but also in Afghanistan, Tajikistan and Central Asian Countries. These Countries have rich energy & natural resources. Knowledge of Persian will not only help us to develop our relations with these countries but will also be a source for anyone to pursue a variety of exciting careers in government, international business and education.


Department of Persian language & Literature, NUML is one of the unique departments of Persian learning in Pakistan. It is the only department where Persian Languages functional courses are  taught in the respective language. Department of Persian is the Nucleus of the NUML as the former National Institute of Modern languages started its functioning with teaching of Persian language.

Persian Department was established in 1970. The aim of the establishment of Persian department was to promote Persian language  which is the heir of cultural and literary heritage of the Muslims in the Sub-Continent and to strengthen brotherly & fraternal Relations with the Persian speaking countries ie Iran, Afghanistan & Tajikistan.

Modern Persian, called FARSI, is spoken by 120 million people not just in Iran, but also in Afghanistan and Central Asia. Keeping in view the new economic developments in the region  Persian will immensely  help to pursue a variety of exciting careers in Government, International business and education.



  • We are proud that Persian department has the honor of having highly qualified PhD faculty members.
  • To improve language skills of the student’s new language lab has been installed in collaboration with Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • To help the teachers and students to carry out research in different areas of Persian language, Literature, history and culture, Iranology center has been established in collaboration with Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • For counseling students a committee has been constituted , comprising senior faculty members of department.
  • For professional development of the faculty members, every year, different refresher courses, workshops, conferences and seminars are arranged in Pakistan and Iran in collaboration with Islamic Republic of Iran.
  • Provision of monitory support to the M.A, M.Phil and PhD students by the Iran – Pakistan Institute of Persian Studies, Islamabad.


Our Vision

To become a Center of Excellence in Persian Language and Literature

Our Mission

To promote pedagogical innovation, productive research and applied communication skills in Persian language and literature