PhD-International Relations


Programme Objectives – PhD International Relations

The Program aims at imparting knowledge, skills and general competence defined in the following objectives:

  • To impart advanced knowledge and critical thinking regarding regional and global politics, and to develop strong research skills through using different schools of thought and theoretical paradigms along with their application as well as an interdisciplinary approach.
  • To render the advanced scientific research methods ranging from quantitative and deductive methods to qualitative and inductive methods, as per requirement of the research area.
  • To expose the candidate to a healthy academic learning environment with numerous opportunities to share and exchange perspectives.
  • To enable the scholar for establishing independent and clear yet logical argument, scholarly vision, and  leadership skills in order to enhance and test decision-making and policy implementation skills.
  • To hone notable professional skills to enhance the global career perspective both in the government and non-governmental organizations.

Programme Outcomes – PhD International Relations

On the completion of degree the following outcomes are expected:

  • Familiarization with the broader issue areas, vast research frontiers of the discipline, and real contribution to the development of new knowledge.
  • Potential to disseminate research through recognized national and international channels, while broadening the borders of knowledge by contributing at least one scientific research paper in the field in national and /or international refereed journals.
  • Participated in conferences and seminars thereby connecting their research to the relevant debates and discussions which in turn enhance the level of motivation and learning horizon.
  • Gained skillful application of the knowledge gained at policy and societal level, potential to challenge established knowledge and practice in the specialized field, and proven capability to handle complex academic issues in a scholarly manner.
  • Ability to express the established viewpoint based on critical, deeply analytical, and rational argument through written or verbal mediums, and to demonstrate both breadth and depth of knowledge in chosen area of specialization in order to advance the career goals.


a. MS/MPhil Degree (18 years of education with 6 credit hrs. research) in relevant discipline from HEC recognized University with minimum 3.0 out of 4.0 CGPA under semester system OR 1st Division under annual system.
b. Selection in the respective program will be subject to availability of seats, merit based on academic qualification, valid GRE International / NTS / NUML devised GAT- subject score and interview.
c. Applicants with valid GRE International/GAT-Subject from NTS will have to pass written/subjective portion of NUML GAT-S (as per schedule of respective Faculties) to secure admission.
d. Candidate qualified for interview will have to submit and present a Statement of Purpose1500-2000 words (inclusive of title of research, intended field, potential research and passion for area of research) for PhD studies at the time of interview.
e. For Management Sciences only: Candidates who have completed 30 credit hours of coursework in the case of professional degrees at the master's level, such as MBA and MS in Project Management are also eligible. However, preference will be given to those who have MS Degree with research at Level-7.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 IRFA-879 Foreign Policy Analysis 03
2 IREU-886 International Politics of European Union 03
3 IRGI-898 Seminar on Contemporary Global Issues 03
4 IRTH-801 Advanced Theories of International Relations 03
5 IRRM-802 Advanced Research Methodology 03
6 IRUS-861 The U.S. in World Politics 03
7 IRCA-862 International Politics of Central Asia 03
8 IRMP-863 Foreign Policies of Major Powers 03
9 IRRS-864 Russia in Global Politics 03
10 IRCI-865 Contemporary Regional and Global Issues 03
11 IRLA-866 Latin America in Global Politics 03
12 IRAP-868 International Politics of Asia Pacific 03
13 IRMW-869 Contemporary International Issues and the Muslim World 03
14 IRSD-870 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Contemporary International Relations 03
15 IRGD-871 Gender Debate in International Relations 03
16 IRDD-872 Democracy and Development 03
17 IRND-873 Nuclear Deterrence and Strategic Stability 03
18 IRSG-874 State, Society and Process of Globalization 03
19 IRIS-875 Changing Dynamics of International Security 03
20 IRIL-876 International Law 03
21 IRCT-877 Dynamics of Counter Terrorism 03
22 IRCP-878 Strategic Culture of Pakistan 03
23 IRFP-880 Foreign Policy of Pakistan 03
24 IRPI-881 Political Islam in Contemporary World 03
25 IRCH-882 China in World Politics 03
26 IRID-883 International Development: Building a World of Sustainable Peace 03
27 IRSA-884 International Politics of South Asia 03
28 IRPE-885 International Political Economy 03
29 IREU-886 International Politics of European Union 03
30 IRIO-887 International Politics of the Indian Ocean Region 03
31 IRME-888 Contemporary International Politics of Middle East 03
32 IRPA-889 International Politics of the Americas (North & South) 03
33 IREV-890 International Politics of Environment 03
34 IRIO-891 International Organizations and Regimes 03
35 IRCR-892 Conflict Management and Resolution 03
36 IRDA-893 Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Non-Proliferation 03
37 IRMS-894 War and Modern Strategy 03
38 IRAS-895 Seminar on Issues related to Area Studies 03
39 IRMR-896 Seminar on Migration and Refugees 03
40 IRNS-897 Seminar on Selected Issues of National Security of Pakistan 03
41 IRDS-899 PhD Dissertation 24