M. Phil.-International Relations


Programme Objectives – M.Phil International Relations

The Program aims at imparting knowledge, skills and general competence defined in the following objectives:

  • To build a theoretical understanding of international relations, and apply it to patterns of cooperation and competition within global politics by enhancing students’ research skills.
  • To familiarize the scholars with extensive literature to broaden their conceptual and empirical knowledge on the pressing problems in the international realm.
  • To introduce the students to a healthy academic learning environment with opportunities to share and exchange perspectives and build scholarly networking.
  • To meet the requirements of today’s job market through honing their professional interpersonal skills in order to advance their career prospects.

Programme Outcomes – M.Phil International Relations

On the completion of degree the following outcomes are expected:

  • Gained in-depth knowledge and ability to establish theoretical explanation through coherent research and analyses of issues and patterns of international relations.
  • Capability to collect and analyze the relevant scientific data/knowledge and conduct independent research.
  • Developed strong engagement with the culture of relevant debates, unbiased discussions through conducting and/or attending seminars and conferences for enrichment of learning horizon.
  • Acquired better level of written and verbal expression with critical analytical ability and clarity of concepts in the area of specialization in order to advance the career goals.


a. 16 years of education in relevant discipline from HEC recognized university with
following score: -
i. Semester system: 2.50/4.00 CGPA or grade “B”.
ii. Annual System: 50% marks (45% for English and Urdu)

b. GAT-General with a minimum cumulative score as determined by HEC.
c. Passing of entrance test /interview conducted by the university.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 IRFA-768 Foreign Policy Analysis 03
2 IRTH-701 Theories of International Relations 03
3 IRIP-788 International Politics of Indian and Pacific Region 03
4 IRRM-702 Research Methodology 03
5 IRNT-732 Contemporary Non-Traditional Security Issues 03
6 IRSA-762 International Politics of South Asia 03
7 IRGI-783 Contemporary Global Issues 03
8 IRSD-791 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Contemporary International Relations 03
9 IRFP-761 Foreign Policy of Pakistan 03
10 IRMP-763 International Maritime Politics 03
11 IRTC-764 Terrorism and Counter Terrorism 03
12 IRDA-765 Disarmament, Arms Control and Nuclear Non-Proliferation 03
13 IRCH-766 China in World Politics 03
14 IRRG-767 Regionalism: Theory and Practice 03
15 IRIN-769 Contemporary Foreign Policy of India 03
16 IRRS-770 International Politics of Russia 03
17 IRII-771 Islam and International Relations 03
18 IRLI-772 Leadership in International Relations 03
19 IRPA-773 International Politics of Africa 03
20 IREC-774 Global Politics of Environment and Climate Change 03
21 IREN-776 International Politics of Ethno-Nationalism 03
22 IRWO-777 Emerging Regional and World Orders 03
23 IRPE-779 International Political Economy 03
24 IRMP-780 Foreign Policies of Major Powers (Any Two) 03
25 IRME-781 International Politics of Middle East 03
26 IRCA-782 International Politics of Central Asia 03
27 IREU-784 European Union in World Politics 03
28 IRCR-785 Conflict Analysis and Resolution 03
29 IRUS-786 U.S. in World Politics 03
30 IRIL-787 International Law and World Politics 03
31 IRRP-789 Religion and Politics in the Contemporary World 03
32 IRGD-790 Gender and International Relations 03
33 IRIO-792 Role of International Organizations in World Politics 03
34 IRES-793 Politics of Energy Security 03
35 IRAF-794 Politics and Foreign Policy of Afghanistan 03
36 IRGP-795 Comparative Study of Foreign Policies of Great Powers 03
37 IRWS-796 Water Security and International Politics 03
38 IRSM-797 Seminar on Selected Contemporary Issues 03
39 IRSG-798 State, Society and Process of Globalization 03
40 IRPP-758 Political Philosphy 03
41 IRMS-759 War and Modern Strategy 03
42 IRDS-799 Dissertation 06
43 IRPM-775 Politics and Media 03