Welcome To ICT Office

Director ICT Message

Mohammad Raza Parwez

ICT strives to support ubiquitous, integrated, and fully engaging learning experiences. We take a proactive and collaborative approach to deliver innovative, reliable, and sustainable technologies that optimize satisfaction and desired outcomes. IT services provide support to the entire University in all functional areas:

    Academic Computing
    Administrative Computing
    End-User Training and Support
    Communications and Networking
    Systems Administration and Operation

ICT department is a customer-centered, responsive department that is highly regarded by faculty, students and staff at NUML. In support of our mission, the intention of ICT is to support the operations of NUML in the following ways:

    Enhance the existing technology infrastructure
    Explore and encourage the creative and innovative use of technology
    Deliver services and solutions that enable a quality user experience
    Increase effectiveness and efficiency through the use of technology
    Enhance technology support and accessibility for all users of our technology resources
    Align technological resources including equipment, personnel, and budget with institutional priorities and initiatives