Welcome to ICT Office


ICT provide services to University to advance its competitiveness, influence and reputation. ICT empower teachers, researchers and the administration of the University, through the effective improvement and deployment of information technology. Department of ICT is committed to innovate and improve the quality of the University’s academics and administration for students, faculty and staff. Department of ICT collaborate with other HEI’s and business enterprises on mutually beneficial opportunities that support university’s goals.ICT is committed to anticipate and respond to university’s academic/administration needs. Department of ICT provides opportunities for professional growth, job satisfaction and leadership.

It is worth mentioning here that the services provided by the department of ICT are:
NUML Official website for uploading all the related documents, news and events. NUML Employee Working System (NEWS), the file tracking system of NUML employee, provides appraisal Reports, an interface to put Demand and get the salary slips on emails. Provides Infrastructure and operating environment to NUML Payroll System. NUML CMS for the online admission of students having different modules covering all the related operations during the complete tenure of student.

NUML students/faculty and management will have centralized CMS along its sub modules into main system. Different sub modules of CMS include (online admission system, class timetable, student’s record, Curriculum Management, Campus Self Service, Enrollment etc). NUML online admission system is provided for all the students through which they are capable to see the updates regarding their admission. The first ever NUML employees working system was developed by ICT software team in 2017 with Single Sign-on concept through which the all official correspondence has been taking place electronically. First ever Online Employee Appraisal System in any Public/Private Sector University has been developed by the ICT Software team, and launched 2017. Employees Appraisal System is fully integrated with NEWS NUML Employees Working System). This online evaluation has been performed on basis of un-biased criteria. In the recent past, initiatives for the improvement of quality in research has been taken by the higher education sector for promoting research & development culture within academia, however more initiatives are to be taken for quality assurance by defining assessment & evaluation criteria for educational programs so that better outcome of research could be achieved and same research may be utilized. For this purpose ICT Software Team NUML, has developed following modules: (Peer Review, Faculty Survey Report, Course Review Report, and Teachers Evolution by Student).NUML learning management system (LMS) is constituted under directorate of information communication technology (ICT) to extend the accessibility of different languages online.

NUML has created its social media for enhancing the cultural, professional and sports activities in institution, it also provide official platform for NUML students societies to present positive image of NUML nationwide. Video conference facilities are available at NUML for academic and non academic events with in all regional campuses. Digital Library access is available for all Students of NUML and Faculty for free, they can access digital library from their homes as well. The digital library link is present over the NUML website. ICT also provide social media platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for information and make people updated about the NUML.

Bio-metric System Bio-Metric Attendance system for all staff, faculty and students has been deployed at NUML, Islamabad. All staff, Faculty and students have registered their finger prints in Bio-Metric server. Total 1204 Staff & Faculty members have registered into Biometric System. E-Room is established in main campus for live lecture delivery. With E-Room, NUML around the world can optimize collaborative business processes, improve innovation, and streamline decision-making.

ICT manages the issues regarding QEC portal, all departmental coordinators are responsible to update Teachers Names and make their names available on QEC online portal, if they have any issue regarding QEC online application they will report immediately to ICT.

Issues regarding Electronic board will be managed by ICT, text sent by the department should not more than 180 words with spaces, including: name of event, date of event, place of event, event organized by. Content should be mailed two days before the date of event.

ICT Provides network services to every department of NUML include wi-fi coverage, Biometric Attendance system of employees and students, VPN, Video Conferencing and Antivirus protection etc. while repair and maintenance services includes CCTV cameras, Printers, Zero Clients, IT equipment Procurement, Management and their support.