Welcome To Department of Pakistani Languages

HOD Message

Dr Abid Hussain Sial

The Pakistani Languages & Culture department is playing a significant role to promote Pakistani languages and culture in the country and abroad. We offer different programs both for Pakistani and foreigner students. Many foreigner students studied Pakistani languages like Royal Saudi Arabian, UAE, Korean, German, Chinese, Gordian, Australian, Bolivian, Zchek Republican and Romanian Students. 
Our department is committed to promote Pakistani culture as well as to arrange cultural shows, seminars and workshops to blow a soul of cultural understanding in upcoming Pakistani generation. To enhance academic research work our faculty members are making every possible effort and several books have been written for syllabus.



The Pashto department was established in 2002. The Balochi language was established in 2005 and the Punjabi language was established in 2006 . All these languages (Pashto, Punjabi & Balochi) were merged in Pakistani Languages department in 2011. Later the Brahui language was also added in these languages.

Taught Language Courses to Foreigners:
1. Royal Saudi Students
2. UAE Diplomats
3. Korean Students
4. German Students
5. Chinese Students
6. Jordan Students
7. Australian Students
8. Pakistani Forces students
9. Bolivia 
10. Check Republic
11. Romanian Students
12. Pakistani Students

Our Vision

To become a leading department emphasizing the indigeneity and diversity of Pakistani languages, literature and culture.

Our Mission

To promote Pakistani languages and culture through innovative approach in research, training and pedagogy.