Rimsha Durrani

Spring 2019

Ni hao,

I’ Rimsha Durrani, have been enrolled in BS Area Studies (China) program in this prestigious institute for two years. The reason I chose this department and field of study was because it is a particularly new and unique area of study and provides multiple professional options to look forward to in the future.

The department itself is highly advanced and provides students with all different equipment and modes to aid in learning. The professors, both Pakistani and foreign, are extremely cooperative and do their level best to educate the students properly and efficiently.  The Chinese teachers, even though their culture and language are different from ours, their pure and true sentiments towards teaching makes them feels as a part of us. The students are not burdened by the work, rather, their opinions are asked in all things.

The coordinator does all he can to provide a friendly and collaborative environment for students. He maintains a clear balance between a friendly person who understands the perspective of students and a teacher who guides them where they do wrong.    

I, as department representative, wish the best for the Confucius department and pray that it prospers and makes more progress with time. New comers will find this department as a doorway to a road towards success under the guidance and management of the institute. Under the guidance of a great staff, with hard work and will power, the students will hopefully pave a way to success. To the youth who are interested in foreign culture and relations and the shining opportunities this discipline provides, Confucius department is the place to start that journey.