Literary Talk Show on "The Political Economy of Culture" conducted by English Literary Society (ELS)

English Literary Society (ELS) of Department of English UGS organized a Literary Talk Show on 11th March, 2024. This session, titled "The Political Economy of Culture," provided platform for a perceptive discourse on how political and economic factors influence various aspects of culture pertaining to literary knowledge production. The event featured Prof. Dr. Muhammad Safeer Awan, Dean Faculty of Arts of Humanities and Dr. Kalsoom Khan, Assistant Professor, English UGS as panelists and Ms. Zenab Jehangir, Lecturer English UGS as moderator. With Ms. Zenab Jehangir's adept moderation and insightful discussion of the panel, the talk show offered valuable ideas, enriching the audience's understanding of using literary productions to improve Pakistan’s economy and cultural representation in the global arena. The panelists discussed challenges in local cultural production, including the dominance of capitalist and western media, lack of training, and economic constraints. They proposed solutions to these issues, such as script writing and production of new dramatic forms for cultural expression. Dr. Safeer Awan encouraged students to use their multilingual ability for the promotion of indigenous stories through translations. The panel also guided students about the utilization of digital platforms for dissemination of their literary works. Overall, the event fostered the need for a critical reflection of the significant role of Arts and Humanities at the nexus of politics, economy and culture.