Welcome to Directorate of Advanced Studies and Research

Functions and Duties

  1. Convene and conduct BASR, and monitor the implementation of NUML timeline and BASR decisions.
  2. Update the record on day to day basis by keeping in touch with the departments and concerned branches so that the preparation of BASR shall remain an ongoing process.
  3. Monitor and ensure the admissions in MPhil & PhD programs according to availability of relevant supervisors and suitable supervisor-supervisee ratio.
  4. Register and investigate grievances of research scholars and suggest a suitable solution to concerned HoDs/ Deans/Boards & Committees in light of the policy.
  5. Ensure uniformity in decisions and implementation of the decisions across the graduate study programs/departments at NUML.
  6. Monitor and ensure allocation of supervisors and evaluation of research thesis as per NUML Policies/ HEC guidelines.
  7. Highlight anomalies in processing of the MPhil/PhD cases and  decisions proposed by departmental committees or committees at university level which are not in line with HEC’s guideline/ policy which can have adverse effect on MPhil & PhD Programs at NUML.
  8. Manage/verify the NUML Online Research Repository (http://norr.numl.edu.pk/home).
  9. Monitor the completion of dossiers before the final viva exam and notification
  10. Oversee the process of the revision of examiners, scheduling/approval of MS/MPhil & PhD final viva exam, and approval of extension /re-evaluation (if any).
  11. Obtain approval of examiners of MS/MPhil & PhD theses and the remuneration of subject experts for GAC/FBS and for supervisors and examiners from the competent authority.
  12. Guide the Scholars, Program  Coordinator and Supervisors.