Welcome to BICON

Dr. Ata Ullah

Dr. Ata Ullah - Director BICON

We welcome you to the innovation zone of BICON where you can join us to flurish your basic business ideas to startups for commercialization. We provide support to students, faculty members and alumni through triggering entrepreneurial spirit, providing state-of-the-art infrastructure, supporting problem solving innovation, building market intelligence and strengthening business development.

At BICON, we nurture creative business ideas during the incubation stage along with mentoring by the industry professionals.  it provides a great support for the studnets who have a business idea but canot persue due to space limitations and lack of support by the experts. We offer infrastructure, mentorship, networking, customized training programs, marketing assistance, business regulatory compliance, assistance in co registration and legal procedures. 

BICON will continue to accelerate a wave and spirit of entrepreneurship to strengthen academia, economy and society. Therefore, this office facilitates, promotes, monitors, and links the innovative business ideas with the venture capitalists, angel invetsors and startup promoters. You can join BICON to maximize both production and utility for your professional growth and enhancing the commercial activities at NUML.


Dr. Ata Ullah