Welcome To Department of Islamic Thought and Culture

Our Values

The Department of Islamic Thought and Culture upholds the following values:

  1. Research Scholarship: The department aims to foster a culture of research scholarship among scholars, encouraging them to engage in critical thinking and intellectual inquiry. Through research, scholars are equipped with the skills to provide solutions to national political, economic, and social challenges within a global context, drawing insights from the teachings of Islam.
  2. Modern Logical and Systematic Approach: The department encourages scholars to interpret the universal teachings of Islam using modern, logical, systematic, and rational methodologies. By employing these approaches, scholars can present Islam's teachings in a manner that resonates with the contemporary world, making it accessible and relevant to modern audiences.
  3. Theological Approach to National Values: The department emphasizes a theological approach to national values, recognizing the significance of integrating Islamic teachings with the cultural and national values of the society. Scholars are encouraged to explore the harmonious coexistence of Islamic principles and the unique values of the nation, promoting a balanced and inclusive understanding of Islam within the national context.

These values guide the Department of Islamic Thought and Culture in its mission to produce scholars who are equipped with research skills, capable of addressing national challenges, and capable of interpreting Islamic teachings in a modern and relevant manner. By upholding these values, the department aims to contribute to the intellectual development of individuals and society, fostering a deep understanding of Islam and its applicability to contemporary issues.