Welcome To Department of Governance & Public Policy

HOD Message

Dr. Shahid Habib

‘Good Governance’ has become an obligation worldwide. In Pakistan, implementation of good governance is considered imperative for maintaining stability and order and ensuring long-term development. It is my proud privilege to present to you the disciple of Governance, which was instituted by National University of Modern Languages for the first time in Pakistan in 2006.

The Department of Governance and Public Policy endeavors to impart a comprehensive understanding of governance issues coupled with intricacies of organizational functioning and its dynamics. It covers a wide spectrum of modules, which aims to produce and polish prospective leaders.

The wide-ranging modules equip the students with the knowledge to manage, lead and administer any public and private sector concern. It offers ideal opportunities for preparing candidates for positions in the Civil Services, various fields of Governments, International Agencies and Non-governmental Organizations. It fortifies the knowledge of employees already in service in such organizations and hones their skills for a better understanding of the scope of their work in such sectors for assuming higher responsibilities.

All those avid and ardent candidates, craving for in-depth knowledge on governance and management of public and corporate enterprises, are welcome to join us in BS Public Administration & Governance program where we aim to educate all ages and genders to steer the governance affairs in a more methodical, analytical and logical manner.

The Department is very fortunate to have highly qualified, skillful, and passionate faculty, having experience in research and dealing with governance issues. Our faculty and students come from diverse backgrounds that blend together and complement each other to create a very conducive environment. The program is in line with the guidelines of the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan. We believe in merit and equal opportunities for all. We are not producing mere graduates, we are producing leaders. We welcome you to join if you have the desire and commitment to excel.


The Department of Governance and Public Policy, established in 2006 at National University of Modern Languages, is a pioneer department in Pakistan to offer various degree programs in the field of Governance and Public Policy. 

Our Vision

To prepare our young leaders to have a transformative impact on society through research, critical thinking and collective wisdom for a peaceful, democratic society and a just government

Our Mission

To build the capacity of future leaders and to generate ideas to solve the society’s important challenges through cross-disciplinary initiatives in research, teaching, training, and public outreach to governance and public policies to influence society and politics at national level