Welcome To Department of Governance & Public Policy


1.  To produce graduates who can comprehend and analyze governance, administrative and policy issues in any public/private sector set-up and evaluate its overall efficiency.

2. To give a panoramic insight of various governance related subjects to help acquaint the student with the governmental policy making processes and functioning of the administrative organs of an organization.

3. To train the students on the processes of decision making and decision implementation at every level of governmental hierarchy.

4. To help students develop inter-personal, inter-departmental and business communication skills in formal settings/organizations, with a view to enhance their productivity at the work place.

5. To encourage students to undertake research related activities to promote a research oriented culture and to inculcate among them the art of reasoning, questioning and researching.

6. To enable the students graduating with this degree to implement/apply the theoretical knowledge they acquire during the course, to practical situations or any professional or personal path that life may lead them to.