Start UP Research Grant Program-A reliable Routing Protocol for Underwater Sensor Networks


Underwater acoustic sensor network (UW-ASN) is an emerging area of research because of its applicability of monitoring, navigation, surveillance and tracking applications in various environmental, industrial and military domains. The increasing interest in these applications motivates research for development of underwater routing protocols in acoustic medium. Multiple underwater routing protocols have been proposed over the years that provide suitable low overhead mechanisms to sense, collect and transmit sensed information to onshore control systems. However, the intrinsic conditions in underwater environment raises many challenges for the design of reliable and efficient routing protocol. The motivation behind this research is to address the problem of high energy consumption in the information distribution phase, the problem of high end-to-end delay in route planning and data forwarding phase and finally the problem of enhancing network lifetime that has a significant effect on the performance of the network.


  • Design and development of controlled flooding technique to reduce energy consumption
  • Design and development of a new composite metric for the selection of reliable next hop node to reduce end-to-end delay and increase packet delivery ratio
  • Design of a scheme to improve network lifetime


Start Up Research Grant Program

Dr. Moeenuddin Tariq

Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences