The aim of the course is to familiarize the students with the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing of Arabic Language.


    1. The course covers:-
      1. Basic structural & Lexical items of the language.
      2. Basic sentence structure of the language.
    2. It is designed to ensure that the students acquire the following fundamental skills.
      1. Listening:- simple structure for becoming familiar with alphabets, articulation of sounds, correct pronunciation, vowel harmony including phrases and expression.
      2. Speaking:- simple language, in rudimentary form, with ability to speak short sentences.
      3. Reading:- correct reading for understanding simple texts in the language.
      4. Writing:- Short paragraphs, situational dialogues and simple compositions.
    3. The course is divided into two parts.
      1. Written:-
        1. Written Comprehension
        2. Applied Grammar
        3. Composition & Dictation
      2. Oral:-
        1. Oral Expression
        2. Oral Comprehension
        3. Reading Comprehension.


Matric or Equivalent