BS Mathematics


Since antiquities Mathematics has had a special place in the daily as well as academic lives of the mankind. This subject is rightly called the “Mother of all Sciences”, as without its involvement no science can come into being, or flourish. In any Science  or Engineering subject  encompassing calculations, the text is in fact a “mixture of English and Mathematics”. If we take out Mathematics from this text, English will be left and no one can ever understand that text without Mathematical concepts. Mathematics is considered as the basic tool to learn and understand the Science, Engineering, and other subjects involving computations. This subject is remarkably contributing in teaching and research of almost all academic subjects including Basic Sciences, Engineering, Management Sciences, Economics, Metrology, etc. National University of Modern Languages (NUML), with its existing and potential human, intellectual and monetarist resources is in a very comfortable position to initiate the BS (Mathematics) programme, spread over 4 years (8 semesters). The diversity of the courses offered in this programme would give the students an opportunity to specialize in one of the fields of Pure Mathematics and Applied Mathematics. This program would prepare the students to  peruse 
higher education in Mathematics, or opt for professional careers.  A total of 134  credit hours would be required to complete Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.


FSc with 50% marks OR Diploma in Associate Engineering (DAE) with 60% marks - (50% marks in Math is mandatory)


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 MTCA-101 Calculus-I 3
2 MTSL-102 Elements of Set Theory and Logic 3
3 MTPH-101 Physics-I 4
4 MTIC-111 Introduction to computers 3
5 MTEN-101 English-I (Functional English) 3
6 MTIS-101 Islamic Studies/Ethics 2
7 MTCA-103 Calculus-II 3
8 MTDM-104 Discrete Mathematics 3
9 MTLA-207 Linear Algebra 3
10 MTPH-102 Physics -II 4
11 MTEN-102 English-II (Communication Skills) 3
12 MTPE-102 Professional Ethics 2
13 MTCA-206 Calculus-III 3
14 MTTA-208 Tensor Analysis 3
15 MTST-201 Introduction to Statistics 3
16 MTIM-211 Introduction to Mechanics 3
17 MTEN-203 English III (Technical Writing & Presentation) 3
18 MTPS-203 Pakistan Studies 2
19 MTDG-210 Differential Geometry 3
20 MTCP-105 Computer Programming (C, C++) 3
21 MTOD-212 Ordinary Differential Equations-I 3
22 MTTO-214 Set Topology 3
23 MTAA-316 Abstract Algebra 3
24 MTMS-402 Mathematical Statistics 3
25 MTRA-213 Real Analysis-I 3
26 MTCA-315 Complex Analysis 3
27 MTOD-317 Ordinary Differential Equations-II 3
28 MTSO-209 Software Packages (MATLAB/ MAPLE/ MATHEMATICA) 3
29 MTME-404 Mathematical Economics 3
30 MTRA-318 Real Analysis-II 3
31 MTAM-319 Analytical Mechanics 3
32 MTFA-320 Functional Analysis 3
33 MTIE-321 Integral Equations 3
34 MTPD-322 Partial Differential Equations 3
35 MTNA-423 Numerical Analysis-I 3
36 MTFL-301 Foreign Language-I 2