M.Phil Education


The  M.Phil Program in Education are designed to qualify the candidates for research activity in educational matters and in educational settings where advance degree for scientific expertise is required. The main aim of the program is to produce independent research projects presented as a thesis in achieving an advanced academic level. In addition, it aims to give insight into social and pedagogical theory. Though participation in these programs the candidate is to receive practice in communicating her / his research and gain academic insight into the subject matter.

All lectures and seminars in these programs are tailored to encourage analytical and critical thinking. A central role is also given to the application of theoretical knowledge to real life situations and problems occurring in our country.


a. Master degree (16 years of education) in relevant discipline from HEC recognized University with minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 CGPA or Grade ‘B’ under semester system or 50 % marks under annual system.

b. Selection in the respective program will be subject to availability of seats, merit-based on academic qualification, valid GRE International / NTS / NUML devised GAT- General Score.

c. Applicants with valid GRE International/GAT-General from NTS will have to pass written/subjective portion of NUML  GAT-G (as per schedule of respective Faculties) to secure admission.  


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 Edu – 651 Quantitative Research 3
2 Edu – 652 Curriculum Planning and Management 3
3 Edu – 653 Educational Leadership and Management 3
4 Edu – 654 Entrepreneurship in Education 3
5 Edu – 661 Philosophical Foundations of Education 3
6 Edu – 662 Assessment and Evaluation in Education 3
7 Edu – 663 Qualitative Research 3
8 Edu – 664 Education and Sustainable Development 3