BS Accounting & Finance


Program Objectives - BSAF

        The BSAF program aims to enable students to:

BAFPO1. Understand the key concepts of accounting and finance through finance theories and accounting practices.

BAFPO2. Develop the analytical and critical skills to evaluate and solve business problems.

BAFPO3. Plan, construct and design the decision making aspects encountered locally as well as globally.

BAFPO4. Appraise measure and interpret the accounting inferential information and foster interpersonal skills and teamwork attributes

BAFPO5. Apply the ethical traits inculcated to become socially responsible accounting and finance professionals.


Program Learning Outcomes - BSAF

Upon completion of the BSAF program, the graduates will be able to:

BAFPLO1. Reflect and discuss competency in defining and stating the key concepts by participating, rewriting and browsing accounting cases.

BAFPLO2. Transform and modify from rote learning to constructive usage of financial application and knowledge.

BAFPLO3. Discover the inferential demonstration of the commerce and accounting concepts in the real world.

BAFPLO4. Belief in teamwork to make robust decisions of the challenging finance issues related to the businesses worldwide through effective communication.

BAFPLO5. Employ in lifelong learning and serve the community as ethical and responsible professionals.


Program Educational Objectives - BSAF

After five years of completion of their BBA degrees, our alumni will be able to

BAFPEO1. Understand and utilize the broad concepts and tools of accounting and finance issues of a business in a real world.

BAFPEO2. Critically analyze, rationally solve and statistically infer the solutions to the financial problems related to the business world.

BAFPEO3. Behave as finance certified professionals to explain the financial problems by organizing the financial data and devise  financial techniques.

BAFPEO4. Believe in teamwork through effective interpersonal skills.

                            BAFPEO5. Act upon as ethically strong and socially responsible finance professional while taking challenging financial decisions.


Intermediate (12 Years) With Minimum 45% marks /A-Level with Minimum 50% marks


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 HUM-102 B Business Communication & Professional Speech 3
2 ACC-141 Financial Accounting 3
3 MKT-221 Principles of Marketing 3
4 FIN-121 Intro. to Business Finance 3
5 MTS-102 Statistics and Probability 3
6 ECO-101 Macro Economics 3
7 HUM-102 Business Communication & Professional Speech 3
8 ACC-141 Financial Accounting 3
9 MKT-221 Principles of Marketing 3
10 FIN-121 Intro. to Business Finance 3
11 MTS-102 Statistics and Probability 3
12 ECO-101 Macro Economics 3
13 MTS-241 Statistical Inference 3
14 FIN-241 Financial Management 3
15 HUM-203 Islamic Studies 3
16 HRM-321 Human Resource Management 3
17 ACC-243 Cost Accounting 3
18 HUM-204 Pakistan Studies 3