Welcome To Department of Pakistan Studies

HOD Message

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Malik

The department of Pakistan studies aims at promoting a research excellence culture in the discipline of Pakistan studies. The department offers students multiple opportunities to develop broad perspectives on national security, economic, and development challenges and to engage with practitioners working to solve these problems. 

The department maintains contacts with other institutes, research centers and scholars across the globe. The department of Pakistan Studies also cooperates closely with several intergovernmental organizations, notably the parliament of Pakistan.

In short, this department aims to promote critical thinking and complex reasoning among the students for comprehensive and conceptual knowledge of Pakistan through applications of multiple approaches analyzing history, ideology, culture, geography, politics, economy, its strategic position and the part being played by it, in the regional and international affairs.



The Department of Pakistan Studies was established in 2003 in collaboration with the Department of Islamic Studies. Later on, in 2014 the Pakistan Studies was separated from the department of Islamic Studies and was declared as an independent Department. Initially MA Pakistan Studies course was launched then the Course was converted from MA to M.Sc. Pakistan Studies. Later on it was upgraded to M.Phil Pakistan Studies in February 2015 (Evening) and BS Courses Morning/Evening in September 2017. Presently, the strength of faculty members is 22 which includes Associate Professors, Assistant Professors, and Lecturers.

Our Vision

The department of Pakistan studies NUML being the center of national education excellence inculcates critically thinking, complex reasoning, in-depth and research based knowledge. This will help the students to meet the national, regional and global socio-economic and political challenges. It also help students to shine brighter in their academics research but they will also become more tolerant and responsible citizen.

Our Mission

In the lines of the University mission “to establish, sustain and enhance itself as a quality-centric higher education institution that provides excellent academic environment and opportunities for creating educated, productive, and responsible citizens of Pakistan”, the Department of Pakistan Studies is committed to develop its intellectual capacity in the fields of Pakistan Studies. It is dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence and diversity, and strives to polish the intellectual curiosity of students with a focus on the need to evaluate and solve complex problems and challenges facing Pakistani state and society. The mission of Pakistan Studies department is promoting sense of citizenship, tolerance and acknowledging diversity through promotion of research culture – critically thinking, complex reasoning and freedom of expressions.