Pro Rector Message


NUML enjoys a respectable position as a seat of learning amongst the reputed universities of the world in the domain of languages on account of its rich cultural heritage and accessible opportunities being provided to a multitude of our youth for attaining quality education at an affordable cost. It is indeed a matter of great satisfaction for me to note that significant improvement has been made in the sphere of imparting higher education at the University.

The transformation of society into knowledge economy is the utmost objective of developing world. The Higher Education, being considered the engine of generating knowledge, is the strongest pillar of society to achieve this objective. Education is not the only but is the single most key factor to improve the economy of developing countries like Pakistan. If we wish to succeed economically we have to overhaul the education system and not just by speeches anymore but practically. We face significant challenges every day. We will meet them. To do so, we need to act precisely and decisively.

NUML strives to meet the expectations and aspirations of the nation and society by adhering to the highest institutional principles, which includes respect for diverse values, national heritage, cultural diversity, integrity, transparency, teamwork, leadership, learning and effective decision-making and communication.It is commendable that NUML has created a modern infrastructure to make it possible for students to update their knowledge in various scientific disciplines since modern technology has become an essential vehicle of rapid progress. At the same time, the University has been quite successful in maintaining a balance between modern trends in education and its old traditions.