Communication and networks research group

The research group of communication and networks at NUML is primarily focused to design network architectures that are cost efficient as well as scalable while meeting the ever-increasing demands for high data -rate and reliable communication needs of the next generation wireless networks. Our research teams have shown proficiency in the some of the most cutting-edge technologies such as IoT, massive MIMO, smart grid communication, D2D communication, NOMA, and UAV enabled communication systems.  Certainly, many of these subjects are critical in the development of efficient and cost-effective 5G networks, where our research team has earned its reputation through several high impact factor publication in some of the most renowned scientific journals in the research realm.

  • Research members:
    • Dr. Sheraz Alam
    • Dr. Rizwan Amirzada
    • Dr. Omar Hayat
    • Engr. M. Farhan Sohail
    • Engr. Saima Zaheer
    • Engr.  Mubashar Sarfraz
    • Engr.  Beenish Sharfeen
    • Muhammad Waqar