Signal and image processing research group

Research in the Signal and Image Processing research group focuses on the development of signal processing solutions to problems in signal representation, detection and classification. The research group covers all areas of expertise such as adaptive filtering, spectrum estimation and modelling, compressive sensing, statistical estimation and learning, machine learning and neural networks. Currently, the signal and image processing research group is focussed on developing state of the art and computationally efficient algorithms for automatic modulation classification and its synergy with state-of-the-art machine learning techniques.

  • Research members:
    • Dr. Sheraz Alam
    • Dr. Sajid Salim
    • Dr. Javvad-ur-Rehman
    • Engr. M. Farhan Sohail
    • Engr. Maria Bano
    • Engr.  Mubashar Sarfraz
    • Asad Hussain (Italy)
    • Engr. Kashif