MS Electrical Engineering


The objective of the MS-Electrical Engineering Program is to provide motivation and a conducive environment to the researchers and engineers from the Electrical Engineering domain so that they can enhance their productivity and research skills to meet the market demands and latest trends in research.

Core Courses (Mandatory)

  1. Advanced Mathematical Methods
  2. Research Methodology

Specialization Area

  1. Computer Systems
  2. Networks & Communications
  3. Signal Processing
  4. Micro-electronics

List of Electives

Advanced machine Learning (GE)

Evolutionary Computing (GE)

Neural Networks (GE)

Big Data Analytics (GE)

Ad-hoc & Sensor Networks

Advanced Computing Technologies

Advanced topics in Computer Systems

Cellular and Mobile Networks

Advanced Digital Communication

Advanced topics in Networks & Communications

Statistical Signal Processing

Computer Vision

Advanced topics in Signal Processing

NANO Technology

MEMS and Micro-machining

 Advanced topics in NANO technology

Advance Antenna 

Wireless Communication and Network


  1. Master / BS degree (16 years of education) in relevant discipline from HEC recognized University with minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 CGPA (PEC registration is also mandatory) or Grade ‘B’ under semester system or 50 % marks under annual system (45% marks under annual system for Urdu / English programs only).
  2. Selection in the respective program will be subject to availability of seats, merit based on academic qualification, valid GRE International / NTS / NUML devised GAT- General Score.
  3. Applicants with valid GRE International/GAT-General from NTS will have to pass written/subjective portion of NUML GAT-G (as per schedule of respective Faculties) to secure admission.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 --- Advanced Mathematical Methods (Mandatory) 03
2 --- Research Methodology (Mandatory) 03
3 --- General Elective-I 03
4 --- General Elective-II 03
5 --- Domain Elective-I 03
6 --- Domain Elective-II 03
7 --- Domain Elective-III 03
8 --- Domain Elective-IV 03
9 --- Thesis-I 03
10 --- Thesis-II 03