Certificate (Hindi, Bangla & Bhasa Indonesia)


This program aims to give in-depth knowledge on the logic and basic grammatical rules of Hindi, Bangla & Bhasa Indonesia languages, and further develops the vocabulary repertoire and functional language. Unlike the beginner module, more attention is paid to speaking and listening skills as the main focus is to encourage free speech, understanding and recollection of language with a minimum of errors. The program materials include a workbook, handouts, books, CDs, and authentic sources from the internet and other media.


Matriculation OR Equivalent.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 CEHI - 001 Written Comprehension 3
2 CEHI – 002 Applied Grammar 3
3 CEHI – 003 Composition & Dictation 3
4 CEHI – 004 Oral Comprehension 3
5 CEHI – 005 Oral Expression 3
6 CEHI – 006 Reading Comprehension 3