Diploma (Hindi, Bangla & Bahasa Indonesia)


Diploma in Hindi, Bangla & Bahasa Indonesia is a linguistic course which includes fundamental aspects of literature and languages, its variations, pronunciations, etc. We usually think that language will be easy to learn and score but this is not the case. Students need to learn it from basics. Subjects studied under this course are fiction, drama, poetry, literary history, literary criticism, etc.


Intermediate or equivalent with Hindi Certificate from NUML.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 DIHI -011 Written Comprehension 3
2 DIHI -012 Applied Grammar 3
3 DIHI -013 Composition & Dictation 3
4 DIHI -014 Translation 3
5 DIHI -015 Oral Comprehension 3
6 DIHI -016 Oral Expression 3
7 DIHI -017 Reading Comprehension 3