Welcome To Department of Urdu

HOD Message

Prof. Dr. Fouzia Aslam

The Urdu department has been committed to promote and development of Urdu. We are contributing to the Urdu language and literature education in Pakistan. To further enhance our teaching and research standards and establish the NUML as an outstanding model of “university of languages” in the region. Our Department comprises 21 teaching and research staff. We teach a number of programs, including the newly developed Bachelor of Science (BS-Urdu) in Urdu Studies. The Urdu department provides foreigners students of BSML with different levels of Urdu course as well. On the research front, the Faculty, in addition to its continued effort in consolidating research strengths in Urdu language and literature and applied linguistics, has been devoting every effort in developing academic research in language and literature. With the establishment of the Faculty-level Research, the Faculty works with the University-level Research, pulling together research teams and strengthening academic publications, all in an attempt to advance Pakistan’s National language teaching enhancement through high quality academic research. We also publish one Urdu research journal Daryaft.  This journals is included in the list of approved research journals of HEC in "Y" category and International database and indexing agencies i.e. MLA directory of periodicals, Urlichweb and Proquest.


The Urdu Department was established in NIML in November, 1976. Initially its courses were designed and started for foreigners only. They were certificate, diploma and advance diploma courses in 1996 affiliation was made with the Quid-e-Azam University and MA (Urdu) classes were also introduced for Pakistani as well as foreigner students. After getting the independent status of university M.Phil and Ph.D classes were also introduced in Jan 2001. In addition BA (Urdu) and BAML were also started with four years duration along with MA Urdu external in 2003 and BA external in 2015. 

In June 2002 1st issue of Urdu research journal Daryaft appeared and since then twenty one issues have been published. The second research journal Takhliqui Adab issued in March 2004. Both the journals are included in the list of approved research journal of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. From February 2016 HEC merged both Annual journals into one Bi-annual and has been upgraded to category Y. These journals are available on university website: www.numl.edu.pk/urdu-index.html. It is also included in international databases Ulrich and MLA and are available on EBSCO, Proquest, CSA, the major distributers of MLA.

Our Vision

To furnish students with excellent educational adjuration. To afford leadership caliber for researches in the field of Urdu Language and Literature. To enable students to render their services and leadership to public and private research institutions.


Our Mission

* To promote Urdu language and literature.
* To impart quality training to a wide spectrum of students both local and foreign in Urdu language and literature.
* To encourage knowledge generating activities and the development of a research culture.
* To support and undertake research projects alone or in collaboration with other institutions or agencies.
* To make a significant contribution to the welfare and prosperity of the nation through high quality education and research-            related activities.

* To inculcate an equal guidance of outlooks and altercation of Urdu Language and Literature to innate comparative aplomb in the students. Helping students compared the literary contexts and pieces for the purpose of comprehension and for practical criticism of literary parchments. It is expected that students will seek adroitness of research and criticism during their course work and will take benefit by it in their practical exertions of research and criticism at the highest level.