M.Phil Urdu







 Program Started

January / Spring 2001

Credit Hours

42  (18+6+18)

30 (24+6)

Average Time of Completion Degree

3 - 8  Years

1.5 - 4 Years

Number of Students  Enrolled



Number of HEC Awardees in  Program



Number of Students Awarded Degree



Faculty Members holding PhD Degree


Faculty Members holding MPhil Degree


Number of HEC Approved Supervisors


Mission Statement of MPhil Program:

To furnish students with excellent educational adjuration. To afford leadership caliber for researches in the field of Urdu Language and Literature. To enable students to render their services and leadership to public and private research institutions.


Objectives of Urdu MPHIL Program

  • update and enhance the knowledge of the students
  •  Including appropriate level of communication skills to effectively disseminate research results including the practical implications of research analysis
  •  To acquaint the students with new trends and movements in Urdu Literature
  •  To teach the students about development and evolution of Urdu Language & Literature in the subcontinent.
  •  To acquaint the students with the bibliography sources and to teach the principles and methodology of research.
  •  Equipping students to acquire competency as an autonomous researchers, able to plan and carry out research and use and disseminate its outcomes and implications
  • Making an original contribution to knowledge through their own research.


  1. Master / BS degree (16 years of education) in relevant discipline from HEC recognized University with minimum 2.5 out of 4.0 CGPA  or Grade ‘B’ under semester system or 50 % marks under annual system (45% marks under annual system for Urdu / English programs only).
  2. Selection in the respective program will be subject to availability of seats, merit based on academic qualification, valid GRE International / NTS / NUML devised GAT- General Score.
  3. Applicants with valid GRE International/GAT-General from NTS will have to pass written/subjective portion of NUML GAT-G (as per schedule of respective Faculties) to secure admission.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 URD-601 Research and Textual criticism 3
2 URD-602 Hindi & English Literature. General Understanding 3
3 URD-603 Language & Linguistics 3
4 URD-604 Classical Theories & Literary Terms 3
5 URD-605 Literary Journalism 3
6 URD-651 Special studies in Ghalib & Iqbal 3
7 URD-652 Art of Translation 3
8 URD-653 Literary Theories and Terms of 20th Century 3
9 URD-654 Literary Movements & Western Influence 3
10 URD-656 Comparative Studies 3