Diploma in Professional Urdu


This course is to fulfill he demands for international students who need to learn Urdu as Part of their own field. They have command in Language but their studies demand in expertise in specific area. We can also offer this course to exchange programme's students who usually come from China for one Year after studying Urdu for two years or more. It is recommended to offer such programme to interact students from Oriental Studies who are usually the best candidates looking for such courses.

Semester: 1st                                                                                               Semester: 2nd

1. P1: Print & Electronic Media & Language                                                     1. P1: Teaching, Translation & Language.

2. P-2: Writing for special purpose.                                                                     2. P2: Formal & informal text reading.

3. P3: Reading for special purpose.                                                                     3. P3: Creative & non-fictional writing.

4. P4: Critical Skills.                                                                                            4. P4: Critical Skills.

5. P5: Verbal and Presentational Skills.                                                               5. P5: Verbal and Presentational Skills.


Advanced Diploma in Urdu from NUML or equivalent.






S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 P1 Print & Electronic Media & Language 03
2 P2 Writing for special purpose 03
3 P3 Reading for special purpose 03
4 P4 Critical Skills 03
5 P5 Verbal and Presentational Skills 03
6 P1 Teaching, Translation & Language 03
7 P2 Formal & Informal Text Reading 03
8 P3 Creative & Non-fictional Writing 03
9 P4 Critical Skills 03
10 P5 Verbal and Presentational Skills 03