M.A Urdu


Impart thorough grounding in the various genres of Urdu Literature enhancing the students’ literary sensibilities, thereby enabling them to comprehend, appreciate and evaluate literature in general and literary texts in particular. It is expected that the students graduating with this degree will be able to implement /apply the knowledge that they acquire during the course of this program, in their future professional and personal activities.


BA / BSc with 2nd div from a recognized University.


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 URD-501 History of Urdu Literature: Classical Age 3
2 URD-502 History of Urdu Language 3
3 URD-503 Prose: Beginning of Tales and Novels 3
4 URD-504 Poetry: Classical Ghazal 3
5 URD-505 Urdu Language and Grammar 3
6 URD-511 History of Literature: Modern Age 3
7 URD-512 Communication Skills & Art of Translation 3
8 URD-513 Prose: Short Stories and Drama 3
9 URD-514 Poetry: Classical Poem 3
10 URD-515 Linguistics 3
11 URD-521 Persian Language & Literature 3
12 URD-522 Research and Textual Criticism 3
13 URD-523 Stylistic Study of Urdu Prose 3
14 URD-524 Poetry: Modern Age 3
15 URD-525 Iqbaliat: Thoughts and Theories 3
16 URD-531 World Classic 3
17 URD-532 Iqbaliat: Study of Text 4
18 URD-533 Prose: Modern Genres 3
19 URD-534 Criticism 3
20 URD-535 Modern Trends in Research 3
21 URD-536 Research Article 3