Welcome to CMR


Welcome to the NUML’s Cross Multidisciplinary Research Office. Our office is dedicated to fostering collaborative research initiatives that span various disciplines, bringing together the diverse expertise of our academic community. Through a commitment to excellence and innovation, we aim to contribute meaningfully to the advancement of knowledge and the betterment of society.


  • To promote proactive research culture
  • To develop collaborative research environment among all faculties of NUML
  • To increase productivity in research publications and projects




  • To encourage research ideas and projects of indigenous utility and societal needs
  • To develop products based on research outcomes and commercialization


1. Promote Collaboration: Foster a culture of collaboration among researchers from diverse disciplines, encouraging joint projects and interdisciplinary initiatives.

2. Facilitate Resources: Provide resources, infrastructure, and support services to facilitate cross-disciplinary research endeavors, ensuring      researchers have the tools they need to excel.

3. Disseminate Knowledge: Promote the dissemination of research outcomes through conferences, publications, and knowledge-sharing  platforms, enhancing the visibility and impact of multidisciplinary research.

4. Engage Stakeholders: Collaborate with external partners, industry stakeholders, and community organizations to ensure that our research addresses real-world challenges with a meaningful impact.