Welcome to Bureau of Translation and Interpretation Office

Dr. Arshad Mahmood

Welcome to the Department of Translation & Interpretation. This is a unique department in the Faculty of Languages because of the wide variety of degrees it offers. As the perception of the translation profession has shown a significant improvement in today's world of communication and networks, the recognition and prestige of translators and interpreters gaining importance with every passing day. 

Nowadays, the education and training of translation and interpreting students have been adjusted to the professional life and its requirements in order to provide the interested candidates with the skills necessary to compete in the growing international translation business sector.

Today, there is an increasing network of relations between countries and societies where different languages are spoken. Communication and agreement are the key words for cooperation in economy, culture, trade, technology, politics, and other fields of life.

 Since English has become one of the common languages of the globalizing world today, it has become a major instrument for this communication. Therefore, the need for both written and oral translators is increasing day by day in whole world as well as in our country.

Within the framework of this background, NUML Translation and Interpretation Department is keen on sustaining high quality teaching principles and methods and on making use of the latest technological tools and devices to better equip the students with the knowledge and skills  of professional life. Our programme offers *BSTI* degree which is one of the leading programmes in academic and social activities within the body of higher education in Pakistan. 

Our programmes always maintain a good balance between theoretical and practical aspects of translation/interpreting ,education and training. 

Our students go through a curriculum which comprises theoretical courses as well as the practical demands related to the professional translation in order to become fully informed about translation studies which is the foundation of all practical and applied works of the translation profession.

The basic aim of the Translation and Interpreting Undergraduate Program, which has just started in the 2019 academic year, is to train our students to become well-equipped and competent translators and interpreters to translate and interpret texts and discourses at all levels and in all fields effectively; to carry out academic study matters at national and international levels; and to contribute to translation studies through academy-sector cooperation.

A special program has been designed for our students that would develop their theoretical and practical knowledge in the field, that would provide proficiency in technology and communication, and that would improve their intercultural research skills to ensure their professional qualifications and competence.

In addition, our department aims to teach English Linguistics subjects to students as an elective course, thus paving the way for them to specialize in a English linguistics and preparing them for a bright future by offering double major programmes, minor programmes and *Erasmus+* opportunities.

Our graduates can work in different institutions such as ministries, embassies, consulates, educational institutions, and banks. They have the opportunity to work in translation offices, import and export companies, tourism agencies, sports clubs, publishing houses and media organizations in private sector.

I wish good luck and  success in future to all our interested candidates in their professional and academic lives and hope to be in contact with them in the future as well.

Dr Arshad Mahmood
Director, Department of Translation & Interpretation
National University of Modern Languages Islamabad
Dr. Arshad Mahmood