End Term / Final Term Exams Fall 2020

  1. In pursuance of the government instructions and HEC guidelines regarding the opening of universities from February 01,2021, it is hereby notified that end-term exams of Fall 2020 semester will be conducted as follows:
  1. Stage 1 : Online Exam  of 30 marks
  2. Stage 2 : Viva of 20 marks (Schedule of viva voce will be issued by the concerned departments).
  3. PhD/M.Phil/MS, Languages (Functional Courses) and lab related exam will be held on campus.


  1. Students facing connectivity issues at home will be facilitated to use IT facilities at NUML campuses.


  1. The University transport will be available on all existing routes during exam days.


  1. Students are advised to read detailed instructions about online exams carefully.




Dir Examinations



All Concerned