[JLPT July-2022] Test Day Details

Kindly check the attachment about test day details (timetable, campus map, test room list).

The test building is close to the Gate 3.
(From the Gate 1, a bit farer, so better to come to the Gate 3)

[The one who's already collected your voucher (roll number slip)]
Show your voucher at the gate and reception and enter.

[The one who hasn't collected your voucher yet]
Show your CNIC card at the gate and reception, and collect your voucher at the reception as well.

⚠You still can collect your voucher at Japanese Department in NUML.
  The reception at the test day will be quite busy.
  For your smooth entrance, recommend to collect it earlier.

Also don't forget to bring the pencils (multiple is better), eraser, and water.