1.    "NUML Transportal” has been reopened for vacant seat in the buses. Students can apply only for those buses in which seats are available.
2.    All remaining Old Tpt Card holders of Fall-22 are advised to apply online for renewal of their passes. Updation of their last semester profile is mandatory.
3.    Students for Short Courses are advised to visit Tpt Office after online application to adjust their Fee Duration Options are only accessible to Tpt Staff.
4.    Issuance of Tpt Fee Challan

  • Tpt Fee Challans have been issued to almost 99% applicants.
  • Remaining applicants may read their profiles. Observations have been mentioned with their NUML Ids or Names.
  • Challans will only be issued after compliance.
  • Conditional Challans have been issued to some students to award advantage of early application. This is provisional, final approval for Bus Pass will be accorded after correction of wrong or missing information.

5.    Students are advised to BE PATIENT after applying, as verification of data is under process and Tpt Fee Challans are being issued bus wise.
6.    All applicants must read “STUDENTS’ GUIDE” before Registration/ Renewal.
7.    Reasons for Challan Delay

  • Provision of Incorrect Format of Profile Picture.
  • Masked or Faded Profile Photos/ Images are not acceptable.
  • Wrong or Incomplete/ Incorrect System Id.
  • Wrong or Incomplete CNIC Nos.
  • Fake E-mail Id.
  • Incorrect Cell Nos.
  • Not uploading Old Bus Card of Fall-22 (for old bus users). Cards prior to Fall-22 are not accepted.

8.    Failure in deposit of fee on due date will cause cancellation of seat in the Bus. (Only 2 days’ waiver may be given in this case).
9.    Special Instructions for Travelling in NUML Buses

  • Student Bus Pass is mandatory to travel in NUML Transport.
  • Smoking, making noise, shouting, playing music, fighting or any unwanted activity may cause cancellation or discontinuation of transport facility.
  • Students are allowed to travel in the bus for which pass is issued.

10.    Fee waiver and installments options are not available.
11.  For Special Person Bus card contact Transport Officer. They must bring their Special Person CNIC or any special certificate to this effect.
12.  Refund is only allowed within a month of Bus Pass Issue.
13.  In case of any issue send you brief description of the issue to: -

  • (Profile and general Issues).
  • (Technical Issues).