23rd Convocation – NUML

  1. The 23rd convocation of the graduates of Jan and June 2022 sessions will be held on 22nd May 2024 and its rehearsal will be conducted on 21st May 2024.
  2. The graduates of above mentioned sessions are advised to report at Jinnah Convention Centre, Islamabad at 0800 hrs (sharp) on both the days. The attendance in the rehearsal is mandatory to participate in the convocation.
  3. The application forms for registration along with a fee receipt of Rs. 6000/- (Rupees six thousand only) will be received in the Facilitation Centre (Room No. 19 Jinnah Block) from 25th March to 22nd April 2024.
  4. The registration forms are available on University website and in the Facilitation Centre (Room No. 19 Jinnah Block).

Convocation GOLD medalist form May 2024