Certificate in Korean


This Course enables the students to ecquires the following:-

  1. Learning Korean alphabets
  2. Making words by using Korean vowels and consonants
  3. Learning basic expressions
  4. Learning and memorizing 1000 vocabulary words given in student and work book
  5. Making short sentences by using vocabulary words
  6. Talking about the special situation by using simple expressions
  7. Pronunciation practice to speak as native speakers do
  8. Being able to introduce oneself by the end of this course
  9. Developing an understanding of Korean culture along with the language
  10. Being able to order food in a restaurant, use public transport, banks, post offices, subways, shopping for daily necessities, giving opinion about ones’ likes and dislikes etc.
  11. Learning basic Korean Grammar and using it in sentences
  12. Getting hand on Korean basic listening and making sentences by using simple vocabulary and grammatical patterns.
  13. Expressing one’s nationality, telling about things in classroom, talking about schedule, conveying information through phone call, making detail and weekend plans.
  14. Being able to acquire TOPIK 1


Matric or Equivalent


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 CEKO-001 Korean Language (CC) 3
2 CEKO-002 Korean Culture (CC) 3
3 CEKO-003 Korean Linguistics (CC) 3
4 CEKO-004 Korean Grammar (CC) 3
5 CEKO-005 Korean Conversation (CC) 3
6 CEKO-006 Korean Audition (CC) 3
7 CEKO-007 Korean Written Comprehension (CC) 3