BS Commerce


Program Objectives – BS.Commerce

The BS.Commerce program aims to enable our students to:

BCMPO1. Study, reproduce and state the key concepts of Commerce and Business in the real world.

BCMPO2. Produce independent thinking to critically analyze data and its practical implications in the industry.

BCMPO3. Evaluate, modify and plan the regional and global business issues by adopting latest industry trends.

BCMPO4. Belief in teamwork through effective interpersonal skills to make the management decisions strategically robust thereby acknowledging time management.

BCMPO5. Act upon as ethically strong and socially responsible professional while taking challenges in business and management decision making.


Program Learning Outcomes – BS.Commerce

Upon completion of the BS.Commerce program, the graduates will be able to:

BCMPLO1. Identify, describe and recognize the business and management concepts through participative learning.

BCMPLO2. Transform and modify from theoretical learning to applied learning.

BCMPLO3. Architect and transfer competency into effective applied decisions of complex business solutions.

BCMPLO4. Work as a team to make vital decisions of the dynamic complex issues faced by the businesses worldwide though effective communication skills.

BCMPLO5. Employ in lifelong learning and serve the community as ethical and responsible professionals.


Program Educational Objectives – BS.Commerce

After five years of completion of their BS.Commerce degrees, our alumni will be able to:

BCMPEO1. Explain and interpret the fundamental concepts and theories by implying the dynamic industrial challenges.

BCMPEO2. Act upon as analytical thinkers taking leading roles in business related events and activities both locally and globally.

BCMPEO3. Demonstrate and produce effective applied decisions on complex business problems.

BCMPEO4. Recognize teamwork as a vital source of success and adeptness in the dynamic and diverse business world through effective interpersonal skills.

BCMPEO5. Act upon as ethically strong and socially responsible finance professional while taking challenges in commerce and business.



Intermediate (12 Years) With Minimum 45% marks /A-Level with Minimum 50% marks


S.No Course Code Subject Credit Hours
1 HUM-101 Functional English 3
2 MGT-101 Introduction to Buisiness 3
3 ACC-121 Fundamentals of Accounting 3
4 ITM-121 Introduction to IT 3
5 MTS-101 Business Mathematics 3
6 HUM-121 Pakistan Studies 2
7 HUM-122 Islamic Studies 2
8 ECO-121 Microeconomics 3
9 ACC-141 Financial Accounting 3
10 MGT-121 Principles of Management 3
11 MTS-102 Business Statistics 3
12 ACC-244 Cost Accounting 3
13 FIN-241 Financial Management 3
14 ACC-242 Advanced Accounting-1 3
15 HUM-205 Business Communication 3
16 MGT-211 Business Ethics and CSR 3
17 ECO-201 Macro-Economics 3
18 HUM-206 Technical Writing and Soft Skills 3
19 FIN-262 Corporate Finance 3
20 ACC-243 Advanced Accounting-II 3
21 MGT-245 Organizational Behavior 3
22 MGT-322 Business Research Methods 3
23 MGT-304 Strategic Management 3
24 MGT-343 Entrepreneurship 3
25 ITM-322 Computer Application in Business 3
26 ECO-341 Money & banking 3
27 LAW-322 Business taxation 3
28 ACC-341 Principles of Auditing 3
29 FIN-342 Micro-Financing and SMEs 3
30 COM-341 E-Commerce 3
31 ECO-301 Pakistan Economy 3
32 LAW-421 Business Law 3
33 MGT-444 Operations Management 3
34 FIN-466 International Finance 3
35 ACC- Elective-I 3
36 FIN- Elective-II 3
37 MGT-411 Corporate Governance 3
38 HUM-423 Introduction to Sociology 3
39 SSC-401 Chinese Language 3
40 ACC- Elective-III 3
41 FIN- Elective-IV 3