Brig Shahzad Munir, nswc, psc

In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious and the Most Compassionate 

I feel privileged to welcome you to the National University of Modern Languages – a premier institution of higher learning profoundly committed to excellence and equity. With its outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities and a uniquely enabling environment, NUML is marked by its effective teaching-learning praxis, intellectual curiosity and an endless pursuit of knowledge. Our educational philosophy centers on interactive and collaborative learning which seeks to inculcate in students academic and professional competence with emphasis on building an ethically upright and wholesome personality. With a profound sense of connectedness, we believe in inspiring our students to drive, imagine and create their future in order to translate their highest aspirations into realities.
Intellectually stimulating as well as rewarding environment of NUML helps our students realize their moral and academic potential to the fullest. Indeed, we strive to produce graduates who are distinguished by their academic excellence, professional competence and entrepreneurial spirit to deal with the socio-economic and techno-industrial challenges of our contemporary world. Along with these essential talents and competencies, we also seek to inculcate in our students an acute awareness of our cultural and civilizational heritage and a high moral vision. Indeed, the true goal of education is not to be self-serving but to serve and contribute to the society with empathy, compassion and benevolence and it is possible only if we equip our students with a strength of character, a singularity of purpose and a profundity of thought.

Your university journey begins here, and only you can choose where it will lead you. 
May Allah’s mercy and help be always with you!