Roles and Responsibilities of Disability Coordinators

    The disability coordinators shall be responsible for the following:

  • To be a point of liaison between the Accessibility Committee and students with disabilities including connecting students with disabilities to the Accessibility Committee for determination of their accommodation requirements.
  • Guide and advise, students with disabilities interested in seeking admission and enrollment at the NUML, on the facilities and accommodations available and arrange able at NUML for person with disabilities
  • Have regular, periodic meetings with enrolled students with disabilities and maintain records of these interactions. This practice should be used to access any emerging needs the students may have and to decide the appropriate course of action to facilitate the student.
  • Advice and facilitate enrolled students with disabilities during the course of their studies on how to fulfil the administrative requirements of the institute and benefit from other services provided at the NUML such as accommodations, transport, library, career counselling, extra-curricular opportunities etc.
  • Refer students with disabilities to the Accessibility Committee for arrangement of psychiatric counselling if a student requests or academic coaching whenever needed.
  • Ensure that the students’ access requirements are identifies and made known to relevant faculty well ahead of commencement of classes.
  • Advise students with disabilities before the commencement of each semester or academic year on their course selection and learning activities entailed.
  • Seek and record information on access requirements of individual student with disability enrolled at the NUML
  • The Coordinators will keep the President informed about their activities all the time, specially during quarterly meetings.
Advisor Student Affairs

Dr. Abu Bakar Bhutta

Student Affairs Office
Cell No : 0334-5507768

Assistant Professor

Dr. Ambreen Qayyum

English(GS) Department
Cell No : 0300-5355078