Diploma in Interpretership


AIM: This aim at developing potential interpreters in the Language and to enhance their proficiency in translation.

Scope: it is to ensure that the students acquire

    1. A comparatively high degree of command and proficiency in all the fundamental skills (Viz: listening, speaking, reading, writing of the Arabic language.)
    2. Proficiency in grasping and assimilating speeches, talks, interviews in the language quickly and the ability to communicate them effectively in English & vice versa.
    3. A Fair knowledge of geography, history, socio-economic conditions, customs, manners, cultural and institutions of the countries, where Arabic is spoken as first language.

The course is divided into two parts:-

  1. written:
  1. Language
  2. Translation
  3. Essay
  4. Area Study
  5. Working Language ( English)
  1. Oral:
  1. Conversation
  2. Oral Comprehension
  3. Consecutive Interpreter-ship


Intermediate with Diploma in the target language from NUML OR Equivalent.