BS Arabic


BS Honours Arabic is a four year degree programme and consists of 48 courses with a total of 135 Credit Hours to be completed over a period of four years/eight semesters. The programme offers a fine blend of Linguistics and Literature in Arabic to orient learners to the core linguistic and literary concepts and their various applications.  This orientation acts as a catalyst and enables the learners to effectively respond and analytically interpret a range of text types.

The courses in Linguistics and Literature are graded as Foundation and Core Courses to help the learners sail smoothly from the very basic to the most complex concepts and issues in each discipline. The inclusion of Phonetics and Phonology, Language Skills.

Research is an essential component of BS Honours programme and spans over the last two semesters. Research Methodology is introduced first in the seventh semester, and then the learners conduct research in their final semester. Allocation of two semesters for research is specially done so that the learners are able to conduct a well thought out and responsible research. The component carries 06 Credit Hours which further proves the importance given to research in this programme. This course also provides a strong base to the learners if they wish to proceed for research in MS/MPhil or/and PhD programme.

In addition, Islamic and Pakistan Studies, Mathematics and Information Technology are taught as Compulsory Courses. Besides, General Courses are a part of this programme and include Philosophy and International Relations.


Intermediate with 2nd Division or A-Level with 50% marks or equivalent